Here at Pharsyted Digital Agency, we understand if someone you know, or you, “attempted” to be a web designer/coder and build your website in WordPress and royally messed it up. This happens, as many forget what their expertise and job is, and mess around trying to be a web developer themselves.

This would be like someone at our firm attempting to build a house, or be an accountant. You would not want that. Trust us! We are not trained experts in those fields, and we know best to leave this work to the experts.

Sometimes when this occurs, websites/web applications built in WordPress even get infected, and we also have to clean them up, and fix the build/content, and move the site over to our safe, WordPress hosting servers.

We’ll forgive your brother’s sister’s cousin who is a teacher, who also moonlights as a web developer with no training, or your son or daughter, as long as you will. We’ll fix the WordPress website/blog for you, and get it all updated, scanned, tested, launched and hosted properly.

Pharsyted Digital Agency is your premier WordPress website cleanup experts, so please send anyone you know our way who “made a mess,” and we’ll clean it up. We are your WordPress website/web applications go to digital agency. No WordPress website is too big, or too small, for us to help you fix and host.