“My first introduction to Pamela Iori, owner of Pharsyted Digital Agency, was through a mutual friend who also owned her own business. The introduction arose from a conversation about my desire to market my commercial lending business on the Internet, but that I didn’t have the time, or expertise, required to do so. After a meeting, we came up with a marketing plan and immediate work began on my website and social media pages. The first week after web and social launch I got phone calls and a new customer already from a different state! One thing that I really like is how enthusiastic the firm is about promoting my business and the INDIRECT effects I continuously experience through working with them. They have great ideas and they really work for my business. I’m still working with Pharsyted Digital and my business has grown tremendously in the past year, and I plan to use them to use them to continuously grow my business in the future. I would definitely recommend working with Pharsyted Digital Agency if you own your own business and need help with digital strategy, Internet marketing and growth!” Kristen M., Pennsylvania
Kristen M.
“For more than 10 years, I have helped coordinate a charity golf and dinner event in memory of a high school friend who passed from cancer at the age of 26. Pharsyted Digital Agency was brought in to digitally drive traffic to the event in 2017, and they packed the house. They helped us raise over $60,000 for the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald Houses after only 1.5 months of traffic generation on 1 digital channel. I highly recommended this firm for digital event coordination and traffic generation!” Richard Catanese, Partner, Financial Advisor, The Philadelphia Group, Pennsylvania
“Thank you, Pharsyted Digital Agency, for your amazing work on my logo! All my marketing looks so much more professional and classy now, and the response has been overwhelming! Since working with you for only a few months, now 80-90% of my business is coming from the Internet and Social Media!”
Joe B., California
“Pharsyted Digital Agency did a fantastic job getting my Facebook highly targeted video Ad set over 5,000 views in 5 days! They helped me select the video, write the copy for the Ad, worked with me regarding my Company compliance issues and then got the video in front of my exact target market via Facebook for only 2 cents a view! Highly recommended for any extremely targeted Ad work you need done!”
Ginger V., Pennsylvania
“I first started working with the owner of Pharsyted Digital Agency, Pamela Iori, in early 2016. She moved me right into a digital marketing strategy meeting and identified a few critical errors I was about to make. I almost misbranded myself and my business, and now continue my virtual personal training AND then opened my local fitness studio 6 months later, branded correctly under 1 operating company! After spending 16 Years in IT, I decided to take a leap and follow my fitness passion. All the staff at Pharsyted Digital are so intelligent, and I learn from them every day! They are Tech and Digital Marketing Experts. Highly recommended for ANY business that wants to GROW correctly!” – Carol Elizabeth, Owner, Beauty and the Beast Mode Fitness Studio, Glen Mills, PA
Carol E., Pennsylvania