social-phonePharsyted Digital Agency is proud to offer businesses of all sizes, direct sales reps, personal branding businesses and consultants, professional social media business account/page creation, postings/management and extremely targeted Ad sets or sponsored posts (on some networks) to grow your following, establish your community, and get your business and products in front of your specific target market. Our firm offers these services Internationally.

Internet and social networking presence go hand in hand in this changed marketing and advertising environment. Many business owners are completely overwhelmed and have no clue where to start when it comes to selecting the best social networks to market on. Don’t worry; our social media experts have you covered!

Our firm can create the social networking channels your specific business will need FOR YOU, and then create a community of followers we post for, and help grow. We get them to engage with you and become clients, customers, go to your events and join your organizations! Isn’t that what should be occurring if you are marketing on social networking?

What can take business owner hours upon hours to do themselves (and chances are they are misinformed and trying to market on the wrong social networking sites for their specific target market AND making mistakes setting the accounts up because they are not social media experts) can take us as little as 1-hour to do correctly for you.

social-ipadOur social media experts here at Pharsyted Digital Agency have been doing this correctly for many years now and keep up to date with trends and statistics FOR YOU.

If your website/web application, or eCommerce site, is being built to be ranked 1st page on major search engines, you will need a few critical social networking accounts set up for search engine optimization (SEO) social signals. We know which ones they are, and quickly get to work setting them up properly for you.

We always remind business owners that their responsibility is to concentrate on running their business, and leave their social media account creation, and marketing, in the hands of the experts here at Pharsyted Digital Agency!