Your Professional Video Can Be Used for ANY Marketing Purposes

Let’s face it society is getting lazier. People just want to view a video quickly to get information. Video marketing has become a critical piece of today’s ever changing digital marketing landscape, and this will only INCREASE in the next few years.

Your website/web application/eCommerce site should have a professional video on the homepage, back-linked to your YouTube channel, so you can be found on the second largest search engine, YouTube, as well. If it does not, it’s time to update and add one! We understand how a video should be working with all of your other online marketing, in sync, as well.

Here at Pharsyted Digital Agency, we have assembled a team of the utmost professional videographers and producers. We film the perfect professional, clear, 2-camera or green screen videos. We can also put together a modern picture collage video set to music; to suit your business needs, per industry. Pharsyted Digital Agency also creates white board animations.

We serve the entire Philadelphia, PA area, as well as the ABE (Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton, PA) area and the surrounding Tri-State area for on location video filming. Pharsyted Digital Agency is Philadelphia’s, and the ABE and Tri-State areas, premier video filming and production digital agency.

Pharsyted Digital Agency videographers show up on location, or you can go to one of our partnering green screen studios, to have filmed the perfect video. We also film business launch videos and event re-cap videos.

White board animations, and any professional picture collage video set to music, can be handled by Pharsyted Digital Agency on an International level.

Once you have your finished video, you can use it for ANY marketing purposes.

Pharsyted Digital Agency also shoots, or creates; professional videos for email marketing purposes, blog posts, events, online Ads for social networking and client testimonials. Any video marketing purposes you can think of!

Contact us today for all of your video production needs. Some of our example video work can be found on our YouTube channel. Inquire for additional examples.