Need Help Managing Your IT Infrastructure?

At Pharsyted Digital Agency, we have you covered! Pharsyted Digital has partnered with one of the greater Philadelphia/greater ABE (Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, PA) area’s premier Managed Services IT Companies.

Why have the headache of maintaining and managing your PC’s, laptops, E-mail, servers, backup, etc. internally, when you have more important things to do with your time and money.

For most businesses with fewer than 50 employees, and many above that, having a virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) makes economic, and operational sense. Instead of having a part time, or over-worked full time IT person, you gain the resources of an entire company that is set up to do nothing but IT management!

You may know the basics of how a car runs, but when your engine starts makes funny noises and starts sputtering, do you go to your local auto parts store, park in the parking lot and then buy all of the tools and manuals you need to repair it yourself? Of course not! You go to a mechanic who lives and breathes car repair and has all the tools and manuals already.

Some of the services an Outsourced CIO and managed IT services company can provide include:

-24/7 network monitoring
-Better, and timelier, service levels than a full time IT person
-They are there after hours, including weekends and holidays, in emergency situations
-With a Virtual CIO and managed IT services company, if your server acts up, or goes completely offline, they are there to fix it, including rebuilding it from scratch, and if needed, restoring all your data. If you request, we can also provide you a temporary virtual server to keep you up and running until the repairs are complete.

At Pharsyted Digital Agency, we provide virtual CIO (outsourced CIO) and outsourced IT managed services to the greater Philadelphia Pennsylvania and greater Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton PA areas. For larger companies and jobs, we will send our staff farther, on a case-by-case basis, per request.

All of our IT specialists arrive onsite, wearing company shirts and logos, so they are easily recognized. Contact Pharsyted Digital Agency if outsourced CIO or outsourced IT managed services, is what you need.

It just makes sense, versus an internal IT staff, or one IT guy running around like crazy 24/7!


  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • Better, and timelier, service levels than a full time IT person
  • after hours support, including weekends and holidays, in emergency situations