Did you know that 90% of potential customers trust peer reviews?

Let’s face it. Only people who are just plain miserable post negative comments online. People who are satisfied seldom leave a positive review, or a positive remark, unless you ask them to. They just walk away happy and become return customers. Kids can be stupid too, and leave dumb and damaging comments thinking it’s funny. These comments can be removed by Pharsyted Digital Agency.

What about your competition? They can go online and leave a negative review just to make you look bad, so potential customers see it, and now you don’t get a phone call or their business. These are also malicious and damaging comments online we can monitor for, and remove.

Then there’s the next scenario. You had a happy client all along for a year. Then, suddenly, he or she becomes the client straight out of a demon movie and trashes you all over the Internet, and you may end up in some rip-off report, linked to your name, or the business name. Now when someone searches you on Google, you show up in a poor light. It can cost up to tens-of-thousands of dollars or more in attorney fees, court costs, all while you battle for years to get this one horrible and damaging post removed from the net or social media. This damage to your name and business reputation are so bad, that future business, or even a job, can be affected.

We have helped many people in the same situation! We understand your dilemma and are here to help. Pharsyted Digital Agency works to remove negative comments online. We help people get bad reviews off the Internet.

At the Pharsyted Digital Agency, we offer Online Reputation Management and repair. We are proactively working on a monthly basis, or per case basis. Your fees will be based on where the damage has been done, where the negative comments are located online, and how much work will be involved with removing the negative information from the Internet. We do a thorough review of what your situation is, and come back with a reasonable quote, and plan, to get rid of it, versus you shelling out thousands and thousands of dollars, to a lawyer and the court system, and an exhausting battle that will take years to fight, and may never even work.

Contact us today if you need assistance. We work in complete confidentiality with you, or your business. Pharsyted Digital Agency is Philadelphia Pennsylvania’s Online Reputation Management premier expert. Our team of experts has been doing this for over 20 years now.

We offer this service internationally, as well, to clients outside the US, since the Internet, and social networking, are global.