mobile-responsive-mapEver hear someone complaining that they can’t see a website on their smartphone and they have to expand the screen because the text is too small or words are running off the page and not viewable?

This is because that website/web application is not mobile responsive/mobile-friendly. Websites should be viewable on a desktop, pad/notebook AND smartphone since most people in this day and age have a smartphone. The use of smartphones has grown significantly, and more users are viewing websites on smaller-screen devices, than on desktop computers. Smartphone and pad/notebook users will only continue to rise, as sales of these devices have already bypassed the computer years ago by a landslide.

This type of web design provides a web page that re-sizes itself, according to the type of device accessing it. In most cases, these devices can range from computer monitors, to 5-inch smartphone screens.

mobile-responsive-handIn 2015, Google announced that websites/web applications that were not mobile-friendly would not rank high in listings on Google, which the Tech industry coined “Mobilegeddon.” Google continues to announce updates, such as this one in 2016, further penalizing non-mobile-friendly websites on the largest search engine: “beginning in May 2016, we’ll start rolling out an update to mobile search results that increases the effect of the ranking signal to help our users find even more pages that are relevant and mobile-friendly.”

If you find a website that is not mobile-friendly, please help out your business owner friend and tell them to contact Pharsyted Digital Agency. Don’t let your friend be a victim!

Our developers take a look, and make any website mobile-friendly. We work with any web master, or developer, to help. All of Pharsyted Digital Agency’s websites are built mobile-friendly right off the bat.