now serves as the premier group-organizing tool on the Internet today. It is available via the web, or the smartphone App. helps bring people together in thousands of cities for a wide range of events and activities. Interest groups are created in by organizers to help teach, allow people to explore and learn about topics, and causes, that are interesting to them. It helps bring like-minded individuals, and people passionate about the same topics, together. Groups can be found by searching the site.

Once a group on is created, and a bit of programming done by the organizer(s), people can find the groups by searching once they become members based on their interests. When people initially sign-up on the site, many groups also appear as suggestions to them, and they join based on their interests. works as the best autopilot group assembly and event-organizing tool on the Internet today.

Our Founder has been, creating, organizing and co-organizing groups and growing them on using multiple different programming techniques and group growth “tricks,” at rapid speed, for many years now.

She is a expert, and one of the only experts that exist today. She can achieve massive group growth, and traffic generation to event results, using this tool. Her record of growing a group from creation, to over 800+ members, is ~5 months.

For this reason, Pharsyted Digital Agency is proud to offer group creation and/or organizing services as one of our exclusive offerings. You will be working directly with our founder, and she will either be the creator of your group and the organizer/co-organizer, getting you massive group growth results in just a few months. She will also use her group list contacting methods and email members for you using a calculating technique that produces massive results, driving traffic to events you organize, or other digital channels you choose, and communicate with your group, in order to grow it.

Please contact our firm today if your group is just getting ready to launch a group, or needs help with one struggling to grow. Pharsyted Digital Agency offers this exclusive service on a monthly, contracted basis.