Because our firm, Pharsyted Digital Agency, operates only to the highest degree of transparency and adheres to a Code of Ethics, there are times that a business owner approaches us about a building a professional website, and we realize instantly that all they really need is a simple one page landing page. Some examples of businesses that our team has built landing pages for over the years are: painters, landscapers, landlords, carpenters, general contractors, real estate investors and real estate agents.

We simply build a professional 1-page site, with an email button linked to your email account; and list your phone number and some brief details about your business and territory. Also included are some pictures of your work, or listings, and links to your social networking accounts where you market. This way, the business owner can also list a personal website on their business card, which every professional should have.

After the build is complete, we host on our safe servers at a low cost, and you simply reach out to our team if you need an update to your landing page, and we do this work for you on an as needed, hourly basis. We never lie to a potential customer if we feel a landing page is really all they need.

Pharsyted Digital Agency also builds landing pages for specific events, products or deals, you would like us to market for you online, rather than lead a potential customer/client to your massive website, which is not the proper way to market for a specific targeted campaign. Our web developers and digital marketing Ad experts and strategists know when a landing page is needed for a specific online marketing campaign, such as an extremely targeted social media Ad set or targeted video Ad set.

If we feel you need a professional landing page versus a full website, we will let you know and offer you a great, budget price.