Pharsyted Digital Agency offers website, or landing page, hosting services to any business.

We ensure your website/web application is hosted PROPERLY on a server/hosting provider used specifically for the type of website you have.

We get about 2 calls a week saying, “oh no, my WordPress website is infected!” Or, “someone hacked into my website and now there’s a banner Ad on the top linking to another website!” (….and sometimes it leads to a porn site, we have seen it all at this point in time…).

The simple answer is that your web developer was NOT hosting your website on the CORRECT server for your specific website/content management system from in the beginning. We won’t blame them though; they probably are just not savvy enough about proper hosting to know this, or offered you cheap hosting, which is not protective, to save a buck themselves, leaving your site vulnerable to malicious Internet attacks.

We often just host websites, and you stay with your current web developer/web-master and/or SEO company, but we ensure your website is protected and updated automatically for Free when new versions of the content management system, or eCommerce platform, are rolled out, and/or plug-in updates occur.

Pharsyted Digital Agency mainly specializes in safe WordPress website hosting and Magento eCommerce site hosting.

If you have an infected website, or want to move your website or landing page over to our protective hosting, our tech team will migrate your website and files over on an hourly rate, and we will then host on our protective servers.

Pharsyted Digital Agency experts know hosting and how to host the right way, so you never have to worry about cyber attacks. When it comes to hosting, cheap is never the best option. If we build your website/web application from the beginning, you never have to worry about a malicious Internet attack. Please consult the website hosting expert at our firm, and they will gladly assist you.