Most business owners have tried to start their digital marketing strategy on their own, and get overwhelmed because they are not digital marketing experts. For instance, a dentist, or restaurant owner, should be focused on running their business, not trying to figure out how to build their own website, get found on Google, drive traffic or create their social networking accounts correctly. This is not their expertise! Would you try and market online if you were a plumber, or consult the experts trained in this field?

In the end, you just waste time and money and get no results. We here at Pharsyted Digital Agency have heard this same story over and over again, and we are on a mission to help people realize they are not the experts, and should be focused on running their business, not trying to set up and run their digital marketing themselves. WE do not want YOU coming off “cheap” in any way, shape or form, as you will push clients and potential customers away online, rather than attract them properly.

For these reasons, we offer Digital Marketing Strategy, Web Study and Traffic Generation/Growth Strategy meetings to help you map out a plan, and as you add to your digital presence and scale up, you know exactly what to do when it comes to your digital marketing and how to properly grow as proud partners with Pharsyted Digital Agency.

Our firm is packed with experts in every field when it comes to the Internet, Google, UX, mobile and web applications, social networking, video creation/marketing and E-mail marketing strategy, so let us help you stop the confusion and say “I feel much better now. Thank you,” like our clients always do!

We simply take a close look at what you have done so far, and assess and critique if you are on the right track, and if we must suggest changing focus to new digital channels based on your target market, we will. We sometimes also must suggest a complete overhaul, re-branding and refreshing and website rebuild if you aren’t up to current digital standards and what is working in today’s ever changing digital environment. This is ok, and we love working with this type of client who just admits they fell behind or tried to take the “cheap route.”

We focus on user experience, and how to attract clients and grow your online community while getting you the exposure you need on the best digital channels for your specific business. We adhere to a strict full disclosure and full transparency policy, and operate under a code of ethics. Everyone within the firm is held to operating within these policies by the owner.

Simply inquire about a meeting today. Clients based in the Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas will have a face-to-face meeting, and clients located outside of this area will do a meeting via Skype, or phone/computer using our screen share technology.

Technology helps us help anyone around the world!