Most people don’t know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, only behind Google. Because Google owns YouTube, there is a HUGE benefit to ranking your business introduction video 1st on YouTube too when someone searches a keyword or phrase on YouTube, and also having your video appear next to your 1st page Google listing right on Google.

At Pharsyted Digital Agency, we pride ourselves on having the best state of the art software and tools to get you the best exposure so people searching around the Internet find you first, and your phone rings, emails come in and you get the business because YOUR listing stands out! By 2018, ~80% of all content viewed and engaged with will be video. Get the edge over your competition now.

We rank any professional video 1st video YouTube (YouTube SEO) for the search term or phrases best for your business after doing some research, and then after you are listed on 1st page Google, attach your professional web introduction video right to the Google listing too (this is called videos for Google). You stand out from all the other listings since YOUR business is the only one with “videos for Google” on 1st page Google.

Please see attached picture examples on this page and contact us today regarding 1st Page YouTube video rankings (SEO) and/or videos for Google.

If you do not have a YouTube channel we will create one for you. We also back-link all videos placed in your website to YouTube to help with first page Google listings (Google SEO/1st Page Google Rankings).


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