Since by 2018, ~80% of all content viewed and engaged with online will be videos, having a short business introduction video is critical to the success of your business now. People are getting lazier, and just prefer to watch a quick introduction video about your business. Did you watch our firm’s video on our home page? That’s what every business should have right on the home page.

Many members of our team have been video marketing for over 7+ years now for business purposes; back when people were still watching elephants fight giraffes on YouTube! We were pioneers in this field.

We specialize in professional introduction video creation and production for your website, uploading videos to your website and back-linking to YouTube, creation of YouTube channels, YouTube 1st page rankings, picture collage videos set to music, business launch and event re-cap videos, green screen videos, whiteboard animations, videos for Google, video blogging and any other video services linked to a business under the sun! Professional business videos can then be used for multiple purposes, including Social Networking Ads, and event promotions. We can even take a corporate video off of an official YouTube company channel and with your company’s permission (compliance), use it for your marketing purposes (Facebook targeted video Ad sets; for example). You can even text your professional business video to a friend. Think: video, video, video!

Pharsyted Digital Agency is your premier video marketing and video creation and production specialists.